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Lambton County Developmental Services

Lambton County Developmental Services (LCDS) is a non-profit organization committed to providing quality supports for people with a developmental disability. LCDS is also committed to building strong and inclusive communities throughout the County of Lambton through collaborative partnerships. Together we are focused on the development of meaningful community relationships in order to build inclusive communities in which everyone has a strong sense of citizenship. LCDS provides support to nearly 200 people with disabilities and employs a workforce of 300. We believe our mission can only be achieved and sustained through the development of innovative leaders and a strong workforce within our organization.


Investing in Our Future

Over the past year, LCDS has created and implemented a succession plan and talent management program to address the future needs of the organization. The objectives of this program are to:

To date we have gathered important demographics about our workforce, researched what other agencies are doing for succession planning, engaged with employees and other stakeholders to gather input and created a comprehensive framework that will guide us through the process. A very important component of our succession plan is a Leadership Development Program for employees who wish to explore their leadership potential. In June 2017, LCDS delivered a Leadership Boot Camp for employees looking for professional growth. Some of these future leaders will now embark on the next phase of their journey by completing the Western Leadership Certificate Program. LCDS is grateful for our new partnership with Western Continuing Studies and the Canada Job Grant Program for helping us invest in our future!

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